Can't Wait to Learn Ukraine

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Since 2022, Fourfold has supported the development of Can't Wait to Learn (CWTL), a digital application that teaches Math and Reading to primary school aged children in the Ukrainian language. It uses specially developed educational videos and games to make the lessons engaging and effective and enables kids to learn through play.

Unfortunately the war continues to disrupt learning for Ukrainian kids. As CWTL is a portable learning tool that works on any device (tablet, phone and desktop), online and offline, kids have opportunities to learn regardless of the conditions. Where classroom teaching is possible, teachers also use CWTL to supplement lessons. In this way, CWTL has helped to reduce damaging learning backlog that confront children in conflict areas and in disruptions like the COVID pandemic.

Now on its second phase, Fourfold supports the scaling and sustainability of the CWTL app so that it can reach more primary school aged children and their teachers, and can be fully embedded in the Ukrainian school system.