Fourfold Annual Report 2023 is Up!

In our second year of grantmaking, we cast a spotlight on our four strategic levers to bring forward our vision of a healthy and equitable world.

On Skills for Sustainability, Prof Dr Mathias Kirf, Project Lead at Smartfeld talks about the journey of FuturePitch, a learning experience for 7th to 13th graders that combines technology and creativity to tackle sustainability challenges.

On Movement-Building, Natalia Green, the Global Director of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature, discusses the importance of shared goals and collective efforts to drive the growing Rights of Nature movement.

On Entrepreneurship, Victoria Lizarraga, the CEO and Co-Founder of Ékole, initiated by Fundamental, reflects on the lessons of creating an agro-food brand with a social business model that champions small producers.

On Science, Dr Selena Ahmed, Global Director of the Periodic Table of Food Initiative, shares the significance of building the world’s most in-depth global commons of food quality, and what this means for human and planetary health.

We thank Acker Schweiz for generously contributing this year’s cover image. The picture, taken by Rahel Weiss, exemplifies the vision of abundance, joy and connection to Nature that we aspire for. Fourfold supports Acker to bring vegetable gardens to more schools in Switzerland.

Annual Report 2023
Image courtesy of Rahel Weiss for Acker Schweiz

Fourfold Annual Report 2023