Biodiversität. Jetzt!

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Transforming Switzerland’s urban habitats

Biodiversity is decreasing drastically in Switzerland, where over the past ten years 40% of breeding birds have become threatened and 60% of insects endangered, and 95% of dry meadows and pastures have disappeared since 1900. The loss of biodiversity is gradual and therefore hardly noticed by society. Not only is biodiversity severely underrated in public perception, but biodiversity also lacks strategic focus in business and politics. There is an urgent need for a turnaround, which can only succeed if as many social actors as possible can be nudged from “awareness” into “action”.

PUSCH together with BirdLife Switzerland has designed an ambitious multi-stakeholder advocacy campaign called “Biodiversität.Jetzt!” to bring biodiversity into the focus of society and make it a priority. The ultimate goal of the project is to increase the proportion of high-quality near-natural areas in urban settlement areas by 30%.

Geographic Scope
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Residential and community areas hold great potential for the protection and regeneration of biodiversity, both in terms of simple square meters affected and the number of people living in urban spaces. By bringing nature back into people’s neighbourhoods, an important contribution to biodiversity and awareness raising can be made.

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