Building a common understanding of Switzerland’s food system

Biovision, together with partners and in collaboration with Swiss federal agencies, has initiated the Citizens’ Council for Food Policy. It is a deliberative process proven to help build trust between citizens and government and supports policymakers to make tough decisions. The overall objective is to develop a collective understanding of a food system approach that will be a basis for the transformation of Switzerland's food policy.

The Citizens’ Council was launched in June 2022. Its 85 members were randomly selected to be as representative of the Swiss population as possible. The deliberation process is accompanied by a scientific expert panel of 30 leading scientists who provide fact-based scientific inputs to the Citizens’ Council. In addition, interest groups along the entire value chain are involved. The recommendations of the Citizens' Council and of the expert panel were presented to Swiss policymakers in February 2023 to support them in creating viable framework conditions for a new and more sustainable Swiss food system. To safeguard its legitimacy, the project has been designed in a way that ensures the deliberation process is not influenced by the organisations who initiated the process.

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2022 - 2023
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The Citizens' Council is a deliberative process which has proven to help build trust between citizens and government and allows policymakers to make difficult decisions, knowing that they have the support of the people. This Citizen’s Council is the first of its kind in Switzerland.

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