Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature

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A new legal framework for humankind’s relationship with Nature

The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature (GARN), along with many Indigenous peoples, scientists, movement leaders, academics and youth, have warned that humanity is living dangerously out of balance with the natural laws of Mother Earth. Current environmental laws do not address the root causes of ecosystem decline and have failed to mitigate mass-scale environmental degradation.

GARN works towards a new legal framework that changes humankind’s relationship with Nature. Unlike prevalent legal systems that view Nature as “property” for human beings to use and possess, Rights of Nature are built on the premise that natural communities and ecosystems possess an inalienable, fundamental right to exist and flourish. Communities then have the legal authority to enforce those rights on behalf of the ecosystem or species at risk.

With GARN, the Rights of Nature movement is rapidly expanding around the globe and these RON laws are beginning to protect some of the most critical ecosystems on the planet. Rights of Nature laws have been adopted at some level – national, regional, local and tribal – in over 37 countries. 

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2022 - 2023
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Respecting Nature as an equal of Humankind may unlock deep transformation in the way our societies tackle environmental challenges.

Indigenous leaders in the final statement Symposium Quito
Blanca Chancosa Representing GARN at FOSPA
Participants at GARN s Global Gathering in 2022